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Fire Tornadoes and Barely Constrained Randomness

A couple nifty little science videos.

Fire Tornadoes
Take a dust devil, add fire, and you get this awesome looking spectacle.

“Pillar of fire” Australia- in real-time from chris tangey on Vimeo.
Via The Atlantic

Inside the Cell
Animations showing the inner workings of a living cell often look mechanistic, almost like a little assembly line. The reality is quite different. Cells are just packed full of proteins and near random activity. Science writer Carl Zimmer described it as “barely constrained randomness.” The BioVisions group at Harvard have put together this update to their previous Inside the Cell video to let you see what it is really like.

Inner Life of a Cell | Protein Packing
Via Carl Zimmer

Link Roundup 3/26/2014

A feature I like at some of the blogs that I read is an occasional post with links to articles they’ve read but have nothing much to say about. It seems a waste to put each on in its own post. I’d like to automate it too, so that I could just bookmark something on Delicious with a specific tag and have it auto-posted here. There are WordPress plugins that do that but they want to create a separate post for each link, which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

Oh well, for now, here is a manual link roundup from the last few days.

Astronomers Surprised to Find Asteroid With Rings

When Nature Looks Unnatural

Biblical epic ‘Noah’ tests director Aronofsky’s blockbuster chops I have to admit I’m already enjoying the reactions from the religious to the fact giant six-armed angels called the watchers are included in the movie. Yes, shocking, there is obviously mythological stuff in the Bible. Did you know Joshua defeated the last of the giants? (Rephaim)

[GMO Golden Rice] A senseless fight

[Hobby Lobby] Right-wing judges face huge moral dilemma: How Hobby Lobby could expose SCOTUS’ hypocrisy In the past Scalia has said that the first amendment doesn’t mean a religion gets to have its own set of laws. That was then, this is now. Now that the issue is something that touches on his personal beliefs he will be changing his tune.

Corporations Have Consciences and Contraceptives Are Cheap: Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court “It was hard not to sense that somehow, if the coverage had been for something other than contraceptives — say, as Sotomayor pressed several times, vaccinations or blood transfusions — the question of the impact on employees might have been treated differently.”

Seeing Famous Places From Above Is Surreal.